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Our platform allows you to get up and running quickly with some of the top Leads Marketplaces and Leads APIs in the industry.

LeadUplink™ is the smart solution for those wanting to create a custom integration with any of our supported APIs. Our fully customizable, no-compromise platform can have you up and running in just 7 days.

With our turnkey setup, you can focus on lead generation while we handle all aspects of the setup process.

Our turnkey solution handles all 3 lead phases:

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Some of the top marketers use our platform.


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See why our solution is the smart choice.

Rapid Turnaround

Thanks to our full-featured platform and multiple ready-to-use Uplinks, you can be live in as little as 7 days.

Low-Cost Solution

Our solution costs you a fraction of what you'd spend performing your own implementation while saving you time and headaches.

Error-Free Integration

Focus on generating revenue, not on troubleshooting integration errors. No more lost revenue due to improperly submitted leads or incorrect API requests.

Mobile Friendly, Intuitive Navigation

The LeadUplink™ UI was built using the latest in modern web technologies, with a focus on mobile optimization. All qualification steps are shown on the same page using smooth, instant transitions.

Conversion Optimized

From our clean impressive design, simplified user input, and a high-converting multi-step funnel, our whole platform was built with conversion optimization in mind.

Evolving Platform

We're rapidly evolving and adding new cutting-edge features and Uplinks based on our clients' feedback and requirements.

You Own Your Lead Data

Your lead data is saved to your local database, and any external integrations you require (CRM, ESP, etc).

Advanced Monetization

Use our recommended monetization methods & widgets or add your own. Automatically redirect unqualified leads, open multiple popups on the confirmation page, and much more. We'll ensure you get the most ROI from your traffic.

Completely Turnkey

We handle all the aspects required for your solution to go live. We can also assist with Affiliate Network placement and recommend quality Traffic Sources.

Fully Customizable

We can quickly customize your solution to do just about anything you need. We can add new integrations, features, or changes. The limit is your imagination.


See various examples of our API implementations.

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Conversion Optimized UI

The LeadUplink™ UI was built to maximize conversions from the ground up.

  • Mobile Friendly UI optimized for both phones and tablets

  • All steps displayed on a single page with animated javascript transitions

  • Intuitive navigation between steps (using progress bar or back button)

  • No delay when switching between steps improves user experience and increases conversions

  • 2 styles of Progress Bars available with animated transitions

  • Large, mobile-friendly Selectors/Inputs: checkboxes, radioboxes, dropdowns, input fields

  • Sidebar with Testimonials, Benefits, or Logos slider

  • All funnel images, colors, fonts and button styles will match your landing page design and brand

Qualification Funnel

Our full-featured platform ensures your solution can go live quickly.

  • Real-time email validation and phone validation*

  • Auto-complete Address suggestions

  • Anti-Fraud modules such as Bot Filtering and Proxy IP detection COMING SOON

  • Conditional Logic: hide/show steps depending on previous answers

  • At each step, user selections are saved to cookies and your local Database

  • Automatically submit leads to any ESP/CRM/GoogleSheets**, or HTTP Post

  • LeadID support & TCPA compliance (lead's phone# is automatically inserted into TCPA consent text)

  • Tracking Pixel support at each individual step (Google Analytics/Tag Manager, HotJar, Voluum, Cake, Retargeting, etc)

  • Full URL string with tracking tokens is automatically passed to all external links/redirects

  • Any customization is possible, simply request a quote

*Email validation & Phone validation require you to setup 3rd party accounts that bill $0.01 per validation
**One-time setup fee per integration applies, included in your setup quote

Lead Monetization

Ensure you're getting the best ROI out of both qualified and unqualified leads

  • Collect Email Address on landing page for lead abandonment followup and further marketing

  • Open up to 3 Widgets or 3 CPA Offers on the last step of the funnel

  • Redirect Unqualified Leads to a similar CPA Offer, or multiple offers

  • Promote multiple CPA offers within the funnel

  • Display Host & Post Coregs as an extra funnel step

  • Collect PUSH subscribers to monetize through further ongoing marketing

  • We can implement any custom monetization method


One-Time Setup

Custom-Quoted Solution Setup Fee
$ 999+
(per solution)
Job Search Solution - $999+
Mortgage/Refi Solution - $1,499+
EDU Solution - $1,999+
  • Create a High-Converting Landing Page
  • Configure the Qualification Funnel
  • Connect to your Local Database
  • Add Monetization Elements & Widgets
  • Perform any Customization Needed
  • Configure & Test your API Settings
  • Configure any required 3rd-party accounts
  • Create Video Tutorial for your solution
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Monthly Fee

Flat Monthly Rate Per Solution & Per Lead
$ 49
/ per month
(per solution)
10 %
/ fee per lead
  • Dashboard to manage content & settings
  • Files served from our Fast CDN/SSL servers.
  • Unlimited Visitors & Leads
  • API Updates and Bug Fixes included
  • Security Patches included
  • Minor modifications included
  • Larger modifications at discounted rates
  • Dedicated support via Skype and Email
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Affiliates and Resellers

Get in touch for affiliate and whitelabel reseller opportunities. Refer your clients or partners for lucrative referral fees.
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API Partner Benefits

LeadUplink™ is the perfect solution for clients that are considering doing their own integration with your API

  • Lucrative referral fees for each client referred to us

  • We can get new clients live in as little as 7 days, translating into weeks of extra leads

  • Eliminate integration errors and lead submission formatting issues

  • Simplify API updates. We can update all clients at once, hassle-free, and at no cost

  • Improved conversions through our proven multi-step funnel means more leads every week

  • Spend less time onboarding new clients as we handle the complete setup/testing process
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